Automation is
Return on Investment (ROI)

But it also means a strong impact on the motivation of people released for creative activities.

Apps to fit your business

Leverage Office 365 and Power Apps with apps tailored to your organisation's processes. Without code. With your data.

Automation in cloud

Approval flows, document management, notifications, administrative processes, integration of Excel with Word and Outlook...

Automation in desktop

Repetitive tasks, mouse and keyboard movements, web data collection. Manual desktop processes replaced by robots.

Our work Portfolio

Explore the demos below. These are simplified examples of some automation projects developed with our customers.

  • Recruitment

    This Power app, which can be accessed securely by computer, tablet or smartphone, manages all the data from the recruitment and selection processes, simplifying, optimising and accelerating them, representing significant savings in the time invested from screening to job offers.

  • Automatic Price Gathering from Websites

    This desktop automation flow or sofware 'bot', created using disruptive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, allows you to compile, in a fully automated manner and within seconds, product or raw material prices from websites.

  • Extraction of Invoices from the E-Fatura portal

    With this desktop automation flow it's possible to extract invoices from the E-Fatura portal, for a certain time interval, and send them by email to each of an accounting office's clients. All this in a matter of seconds.

  • Automatic Preparation of Employment Contracts

    This cloud automation flow allows you, through the click of a button, to quickly draw up employment contracts for new employees to be hired.

  • Approval and Reimbursement of Expenses

    This application combines the power of Power Apps and Power Automate, to simplify and automate the expense approval and reimbursement process within any organisation.

  • Automatic Account Report Formatting

    With this cloud automation flow, the task of formatting, in a Word document, tables and graphs from an Excel accounts report is performed automatically and instantly.

  • Booking Holidays

    The main objective of this application is to speed up the process of holiday booking by employees within a company.

  • Training Management and Coordination

    This application aims to allow planning, managing and coordinating training in a single space, effectively replacing and accelerating the performance of these tasks that are routinely performed manually, on paper and in Excel spreadsheets, truly time-consuming, and which involve from the registration of the trainee and its association to a training action, to issuing and sending the SIGO certificate.

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management

    This application was designed and developed to meet an internal need of our company, since we didn't really have a tool that allowed us to manage customer relationships. Through Power Apps, we developed this application, tailored to our needs, which allows us to record all relevant information from our customers, contacts made and to be made, send and receive alerts.