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We are pioneers in implementing Power BI for data automation and visualisation solutions

Automate, measure and manage with confidence

Automating financial or commercial reporting with Power BI provides greater accuracy and confidence in decision making in management.

Direct data connectors

Connect to your ERP system, CRM, SAFT, Excel, API, to the web or virtually any data source.

Simulate the results

Analyze the drivers that determine the results, simulating "what happens if ..." and immediately see the impact on the results.

Track your customers

Where are your customers? How many customers have you gained and lost in a given period? Who are the most or least profitable customers?

Compare results with a budget

Identify deviations between expected and obtained results and define an action plan.

Strengthen data security

Replace a file-based reporting system with a secure platform, clearly defining who can access the data and who can only view it.

Interactive Reports

From static pages to interactive applications in your browser or smartphone. Let the user browse the information that interests him most.

Looking for inspiration?

Here you can see some examples of our interactive reports with Power BI (Some reports are in Portuguese in demos but can be implemented in English)

Automation of financial reporting

Set an automatic data refresh frequency and have continuously updated reports and dashboards.

Multiple data sources

Combine multiple data sources into a single data model and discover new insights. Analyse financial and commercial data, bank statements, the annual budget, visits to your website, social media, etc. The possibilities are endless...

One report, several departments

Publish one report only, with data for each department. The same report will be accessible to several business units, regions or directorates.

Secure data access

Share reports without sharing access to the data. Define who are the users with permissions to view, edit, and create new reports.

Direct integration
with the Power Platform

Power BI integrates with the Power Platform: Power Apps for mobile apps and Power Automate for greater automation and integration with Office365.